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MAMA’s adaptable mobile messages are being used in countries around the world, building a global community!



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"I downloaded the messages almost 8 months ago.  We are establishing a MAAN (MAMA) helpline and IVR system for our project. We translated the messages into the local languages URDU and SINDHI for easy understanding by the community.  We are still in this process so untll now we have not shared these messages with community, but these messages are very helpful for us.”

Members of the MAMA community have translated and adapted the MAMA mobile messages to suit the particular needs of their country and target audience. To date, the messages have been translated into Bangla, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Afrikaans, Tetum, Swahili, Urdu, Sindhi, Filipino, Portuguese, Chinese, Pashto, Dari, Spanish, Luganda, Haitian Creole, Dagbanli, Chichewa, Chiyao.  MAMA's Global Learning program uses the lessons learned by our three country programs and expert knowledge across a range of sectors and subjects to inform the development of tools and resources that can be used by others in the field. These can be tested and refined through practical use in real programs.

We use services such as workshops, discussion forums, and publications to support organizations that are implementing mobile messaging programs to improve maternal and child health as part of our global learning agenda. Apply to download the MAMA adabtable messages and join the growing MAMA community with access to the global learning tools available.

We are constantly seeking to better understand the kind of support that is most needed by project implementers. Please contact us with your ideas.

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